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Bhojpuri song Vs Indecency and Copy-cats

Bhojpuri songs (I means only those songs which are known to be bhojpuri songs to non-bhojpuri person ) are infamous for its indecency. A common non-bhojpuri man’s most common prejudice is that all bhojpuri songs are indecent. I think these people are not always wrong. Actually most of the popular bhojpuri songs (…..if not always) are indecent and use very cheap words and ambiguous and of dual meanings. One more thing that is generally ignored by bhojpuri songs is lack of its originality. Most of bhojpuri songs are not ‘inspired’ but brutally copied from popular Hindi numbers. Even eminent singes like Bharat Sharma ‘Vyas’ and Manoj Tiwari ‘Mridul’ follow the same herd. Honestly speaking, Manoj Tiwari ‘Mridul’ get huge success and recognition mainly because of this trend only. It may be their survival strategies but I think doesn’t suit their status. One more trend that is very palpable in bhojpuri music is repetition. If a single original bhojpuri number get popular then all singers start to try their hand with same tune with different lyrics and surprisingly they welcomed by public also. Thus I may say that people of bhojpuri music should try to come with some original decent number instead of being a copy-cat. here I am giving few songs of this category….. :)
1. Hamar garam ba mizaz
2. ja ae piya
3. jab se ba chadhal
4. Jaban maza ba
5. Ka biya barki
6. Kab debu dil gori
7. Kis kare ghadi dhadi
8. Laga dela kundi
9. Maal behakal re
10. Mujhe neend na aaye
11. Na lagayeb hothlali
12. pahira na kusumi
13. Paatar biya ho
14. Resign tohara deve ke pari
15. Suno ai shiva



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Bahut achchha ba sub log aapan vichar likhi

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