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नमस्कार  भोजपुरिया भाई एवं बहिन !
आज हम आप के निकट ले के आइल बानी भोजपुरी के कुछ एल्बम
जेकर  बहुत डिमांड  आ रहल बा !
ता मजा लिही भोजपुरिया गीत के !

Gail Bhainsiya Paani Me
Nathuniyan Jaan Maare
Aag Laga Da Paani Mein
Bada Neek Lagela
Dehati Babu
Fagua Express
Kar La Naina Char
Kha Gayil Othlaali
Photo Leke Chumeli
Chumma Lam Bajar Ma
Hamar Mati Ma Dam Baa
Kudkru Jhar Dabu Ka
Madam Astil Marali
High Voltage Wali
Gawanwa Kahiya Le Jayib
Hi Fi Lageli
Aye Bhauji Ke Sister
Aankh Mare Babuni Dhasake
Poorab Ke Beta
Murga Mobile Banke
Kaanch Kaseli
Jeans Dheela Kara
Lollypop Lagelu
Bandhan Toote Na
Jawan Biya Jila Hilai
Love Ke Tonic
Misscall Mara Taru
Pawan Purwaiya

and many many more bhojpuri albums............


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People worry about the bhojpuri song because they have not got the bhojpuri song on the net

Kindly give the link to download song

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