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How do I download files from MediaFire?

To download files from MediaFire, you must access the files from the unique sharing URLs provided to the person who uploaded the files.
A sharing URL looks like , but each file has its own unique sharing URL. Once you're on the download page for the file that you want to download, simply click the "Click here to start download..." link to start the download.

tutorial :
suppose we have to download  this link songs:

the songs of this album is uploaded on mediafire free server.
so firstly you have to found the download link which is mostly on below the post.
so here in this case, Download album cyclewali 
like this written  on the page.
now the downloading pprocess from mediafire starts 
after clicking  the download link you will be redirected  to  mediafire site  where download file  is hosted .

 Now click on "click here to download" on mediafire  site,the downloading will starts.
incase if the downloading doesn't starts automatically you have to right click on it then
"save link as" somewhat, similar written  click on it and save to your desired directory.
enjoy n cheers!
regards all bhojpurians 


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